Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education

The Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education was founded in April 2004. Its aim is the provision of effective foreign language education across the university, including undergraduate students, graduate students, administrative staff and teachers. We are involved in curriculum design, innovation, and management in foreign language education with a view to nurturing learners’ foreign language abilities so that they can operate as advanced international researchers and staff. In order to provide learners with effective language instruction, CALL facilities have been fully equipped, and a professional atmosphere has been created for students through good classroom practice, management and administration. In addition, a well-organized system for self-study has been established with the development and distribution of e-learning materials.


Title Name Field of Research Email address
Professor IWASAKI, Katsumi Applied linguistics, Teaching in L2 German, Development of teaching materials, CALL  katsuiwa
Professor UENISHI, Koji English pedagogy, Second language acquisition, English teaching materials development uenishi
Associate Professor MORITA, Mitsuhiro Second Language Acquisition: Vocabulary acquisition mmorita
Professor TATSUKAWA, Keiso TESOL, Material Development  tatsukawa
Professor FRASER, Simon Applied Linguistics, Vocabulary Acquisition, English for Specific Purposes fraser
Associate Professor ENOKIDA, Kazumichi English literature and education: Study on Joseph Conrad’s novels, CALL, ELT Materials development kenokida
Associate Professor KIDA, Shusaku English Language Teaching, Vocabulary Acquisition  skida
Associate Professor SAKAUE, Tatsuya Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)  tsakaue
Associate Professor DAVIES, Walter Applied Linguistics, The Philosophy of Language,English for Specific Purposes   wdavies
Associate Professor HARTING, Axel Teaching in L2 German, L2 German Writing, Language Policy and Planning harting
Associate Professor HOWELL, Peter Popular Culture and English Language Teaching  howell
Associate Professor YOSHIMITSU, Takako Teaching in L2 German, Development of teaching materials, Language Education Policy  yoshimitsu
Associate Professor LAUER, Joe English Education, Applied English Linguistics, American Culture, Podcasts  lauer
Associate Professor/Lecturer AMANO, Shuichi Applied Linguistics, English Language Teaching  shamano
Assistant Professor TAKAHASHI, Yuka Corpus Linguistics, English Language Teaching y-takahashi
Assistant Professor TANABE, Julia Applied Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, Identity, Study abroad jtanabe
Assistant Professor NAKAGAWA, Atsushi English Language Teaching, Language Teacher Cognition anakagaw
Associate Professor/Lecturer (Special Appointment) KUSANAGI, Kunihiro Foreign Language Teaching Research kusanagi
Associate Professor/Lecturer (Special Appointment) SELWOOD, James M-Learning, Mobile-Assisted Language-Learning, English Language podcasting Development jselwood
Associate Professor/Lecturer (Special Appointment) TAKITA, Fuyuko Sociolinguistics, Intercultural Communication, Business English, Pragmatics ftakita

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