Director, ProfessorOZAWA, KoichiroVice President (University-Wide Education)
Vice Director, Associate ProfessorAMANO, ShuichiApplied Linguistics, English Language Teaching: CALL, Phonetic Research
Vice Director, Associate ProfessorYOSHIMITSU, TakakoTeaching in L2 German: Development of Teaching Materials, Language Education Policy
ProfessorFRASER, SimonApplied Linguistics, English Language Teaching: English for Specific Purposes, Vocabulary Acquisition
Associate ProfessorDAVIES, WalterApplied Linguistics: Pragmatics, English for Specific Purposes: Medical English
Associate ProfessorGARCÍA RUIZ CASTILLO, CarlosApplied Linguistics, Teaching in L2 Spanish: Interactional Competence, Development of Teaching Materials
Associate ProfessorHARTING, AxelL2 German Instruction: L2 Writing, Pragmatics: Politeness
Associate ProfessorHIGA, Marshall KiyoshiApplied Linguistics, English Language Education: Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition, English for Specific Purposes
Associate ProfessorHOUGHAM, Daniel George CameronApplied Linguistics, English Language Teaching: Vocabulary Acquisition, Speaking Fluency
Associate ProfessorHOWELL, PeterEnglish Language Education: Materials Development
Associate ProfessorTATSUMI, AkikoEnglish Language Education, TILT (Translation in Language Teaching): Remedial English Language Education
Associate ProfessorYAMAMOTO, TakakoDunhuang Studies, Philology : Letters and Epistolary Culture in Medieval China
Associate ProfessorYAMAUCHI, YukaEnglish Language Education: Listening, Individual Differences
Associate Professor/Lecturer (Special Appointment)SELWOOD, JamesMobile Learning: MALL
Assistant ProfessorKANG, HeeeunComparative Education, Area Studies: Education Policy, Global Citizenship Education
Assistant ProfessorNAKAGAWA, AtsushiEnglish Language Education, Teacher Education: Development of Teaching Materials
Assistant ProfessorTANABE, JuliaApplied Linguistics: Intercultural Communication, Study Abroad
Assistant ProfessorYAMAUCHI, KatsuhiroEnglish Language Education: Extensive Reading, Vocabulary Acquisition

Updated on April 17th, 2024.