Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education

Each year Hiroshima University's Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education publishes an academic journal entitled, “Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education.”
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Issue 27 (01/03/2024)

Shuichi AMANO; Daniel HOUGHAM; Marshall HIGA; Atsushi NAKAGAWA; Yuka TAKAHASHI; Simon FRASERExploring Directions for Improving General English Writing Courses through the TOEIC® Writing Test
Peter HOWELLAspects of Interculturality and Transculturality: Four Key Expressions from German-language Scholarship and their Possible Implications for Foreign Language Teaching in Japan
Julia TANABE; Walter DAVIES; Simon FRASER; Daniel HOUGHAMExploring the Impact of Technology Decisions in English Language Speaking Courses
Shuichi AMANO; Atsushi NAKAGAWA; Katsuhiro YAMAUCHI; Yuka TAKAHASHIAwareness and Experiences of Text-Generative AI among Undergraduates in General English Courses
Walter DAVIES; Simon FRASER; Marshall HIGALearning Terms and Word Parts on a Medical English Course
Nobuo YUZAWA: Simon FRASERProblems with Audio Recordings for Elementary School English Textbooks in Japan
Axel HARTINGVerwendung von Grammatik-Erklärvideos im Deutschunterricht in Japan
Carlos GARCÍA RUIZ-CASTILLOCorpus orales de aprendientes de ELE para el estudio de la conversación en la L2 disponibles en Internet