Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education

Each year Hiroshima University’s Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education publishes an academic journal entitled, “Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education.”
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Issue 26 (01/03/2023)

AMANO, Shuichi; YAMAUCHI, Yuka; SAKAUE, Tatsuya; TAKAHASHI, Yuka; NAKAGAWA, Atsushi; YAMAUCHI, KatsuhiroExpansion of the Hiroshima University English Can-Do List to Support English Learning Outside the Classroom
HIGA, Marshall; DAVIES, Walter; FRASER, SimonInvestigating the English Language Needs of Hospital Medical Teams
HOWELL, PeterTeaching English with Tim Burton’s Batman: A Comic-book Supplementation of the Three-Block Movie-English Method
TANABE, Julia; DAVIES, Walter; FRASER, SimonPeer Commenting on Written Assignments for a Japanese University Online English Course
HIGA, Marshall; ASHIDA, YoichiroA Pedagogical Framework for the Development of Software for EFL Learners
LI, Yajie; FRASER, Simon; CLENTON, JonA Review of McLean’s Evidence for the Adoption of the Flemma as an Appropriate Word Counting Unit
CLINGWALL, DionA Review of McLean’s Evidence for the Adoption of the Flemma as an Appropriate Word Counting Unit
GARCÍA RUIZ-CASTILLO, CarlosLas alternancias de turno impropias en la conversación en español como lengua extranjera de aprendientes japoneses
HARTING, AxelSchulung im kritischen Umgang mit authentischen Lernmaterialien: YouTube-Videos im japanischen Deutschunterricht
IWASAKI, KatsumiA Parallel Corpus of Example Sentences for Beginners and Intermediate-Level Learners: PARC∞
YOSHIMITSU, TakakoA Study on Pronunciation Acquisition of Beginners in German: Based on a Questionnaire Survey
YAMAUCHI, Katsuhiro; YAMAUCHI, Yuka; NAKAGAWA, AtsushiComplementary Lectures to On-Demand Classes: Through Live Lessons and Learning-Support Videos
YAMAUCHI, YukaTop-down Effects on Oral English Word Recognition: Relationships With Proficiency and Listening Strategy Orientation