Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education

Each year Hiroshima University’s Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education publishes an academic journal entitled, “Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education.”
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Issue 25 (01/03/2022)

DAVIES, Walter; FRASER, Simon; TATSUKAWA, Keiso; ENOKIDA, Kazumichi; HIGA, MarshallExpanding a Third-Year Medical English Curriculum at a Japanese National University
HOWELL, PeterMaterials and Activities for an English Language Course Focusing on the Beatles
TANABE, Julia; FRASER, Simon; DAVIES, WalterUsing Online Flipped Learning for Teaching English Language Speaking Skills at a Japanese University
SELWOOD, Jaime; NYKYTCHENKO, KaterynaStudents’ Perceptions of the HyFlex Learning Model from Ukraine and Japan: A Realistic Future for University Language Learning?
LAUER, JoeAspects of English Language Teaching in Japanese Universities
YAMAUCHI, Yuka; FUKAZAWA, Seiji; KIDA, Shusaku; UMEKI, RikoSequential Organization of L2 Complaint Strategies by Japanese and Thai Learners of English
DAVIES, Walter; ENOKIDA, Kazumichi; FRASER, SimonCoherence, Cohesion, and Social Reality in Joseph Conrad’s Chance
LI, Yajie; FRASER, Simon; CLENTON, JonEvaluating Jarvis and Hashimoto’s Operationalizations of Word Types and Their Influence on Lexical Diversity Measures
SHINYA, Takahiro; HIGA, MarshallEFL Motivating Factors in Japanese Non-English / Intercultural Studies University Majors: A Mixed-Methods Approach
HARTING, AxelYouTube-Videos zum Deutschlernen für Lernende mit Japanisch als Muttersprache
GARCÍA RUIZ-CASTILLO, CarlosCreación de un corpus oral para el estudio de la conversación en español de aprendientes japoneses de ELE
Sakaue, Tatsuya; Enokida, Kazumichi; Yamauchi, KatsuhiroA Preliminary Study on the Influence of College Students’ Life Rhythms on Learning English
Iwasaki, KatsumiA Parallel Corpus of Example Sentences in Eight Languages for Beginners and Intermediate Learners
Yoshimitsu, TakakoIntegration Courses for Migrants and Refugees in Germany under the Coronavirus Pandemic
Yamamoto, TakakoA Report on Online Examinations in Chinese Language Courses for Beginners
Arami, HiroshiTeaching Chinese During the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2021: Improving Classes by using Hiroshima University’s Teaching Assistant System