Best Internet Sites for Learning English

Compiled by Joe Lauer in the summer of 2022

Note: Many times sites combine skills, such as listening and reading, together.
But each site has been classified under only one category.







Other Good Sites

  1. DeepL: Check your grammar
  2. Ginger: Check your grammar
  3. Ludwig Guru: Compare your grammar to the grammar in famous newspapers
  4. On-line Dictionary
  5. Various Interesting Activities
  6. Vocabulary and Grammar
  7. University of Victoria: Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading (all levels)
  8. Activities for Children! (But adults can use them too.(^o^))
  9. Duolingual: Free, and includes a lot of games
  10. Easy World English: All levels, grammar, pronunciation, reading, vocabulary
  11. Many Things: Quizzes, games and more!